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“Most anti-Muslim entity…” Baloch PM-in-exile Naela Quadri Baloch exposes Pakistan’s atrocities

Professor Naela Quadri Baloch, Balochistan’s PM-in-exile, has called Pakistan a slayer and not a saviour of Muslims due to its continuing atrocities in Balochistan, Sindh and occupied territories of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, including Gilgit Baltistan. The women right activist also exposed Pakistan’s role in making Indian Muslims a “vulnerable” community. In an exclusive interview with ANI, Professor Naela Quadri Baloch said, “When they (Pakistan) are trying to be champions of Islam they think the world is blind or they can manipulate the world. If there is any entity and most anti-Muslim entity on this earth, it is Pakistan. They are the people who divided the Muslims of India. They are the people who made Muslims of India a vulnerable community because they started hatred because somebody who is a Muslim, Hindu or Sikh – they are the Indians. But, who created that? It’s basically the ideology of Pakistan,” she added. The Professor added, “So, they made Muslims of India vulnerable actually. And killing Balochs, the one who taught them how to say Kalma, they are killing Baloch with impunity. And not only Baloch, but they also killed the founders of Pakistan – Bangladesh. 30 million Bangladeshis they have killed and in Afghanistan 4 million Afghans they have killed. So, they are Muslims. Even, they killed Muslims in Jordan. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq as a Pakistani mercenary has killed 25,000 Palestinians. 10,000 of them were killed in one night. I repeat that if anyone is more anti-Muslim in this world, it is Pakistan. So, they can’t be champions of Islam. They are the manipulators. They are good actors.”

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