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“Congress has been launching a failed product again and again”: PM Modi jibes at Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi : In an apparent dig at the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that his party had repeatedly been trying to launch a “failed product” for years, but fails every time. While replying to the no-confidence motion, PM Modi took a veiled swipe at Congress and said that the party's effort to launch a “failed product” has failed every time. "...I can understand the troubles of Congress. For years, they have been launching, again and again, a failed product. The launching fails every time. The result is that their hatred for voters has reached its peak. The launching fails and they harbour hatred for voters,” the PM said. Coming down heavily on Rahul Gandhi over his ‘mohabbat ki dukaan’ (a shop of love) slogan, the PM said that this is a shop of loot and a market of lies. “PR people propagate 'Mohabbat ki dukan'. People of the country are saying, ‘Ye hai loot ki dukan, jhooth ka bazaar’ (This is a shop of loot and market of lies),” he added. While replying to the no-confidence motion debate in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi said: “Yesterday, someone talked about doing ‘dil se baat’. Their ‘Modi prem’ is such that they see Modi even in their dreams. I can understand Congress’ problem, they have been launching a failed product repeatedly. The launch fails every time.” During his address which lasted over two hours, Modi also slammed the I.N.D.I.A alliance and called it “ghamandiya” (arrogant) coalition in which everyone wants to become the prime minister. "This 'Ghamandiya' alliance is a guarantee of double-digit inflation, corruption, policy paralysis, instability, appeasement, dynasty, unemployment, violence and terrorism. It is Modi's guarantee that in my third term, India will be among the top three economies in the world...,” he said. Taking on the Opposition alliance, he said that the last ‘I’—(main) in the bloc’s name stands for the ‘arrogance’ of one family. "Their trouble is such that they had to take the support of NDA to keep themselves alive. But, out of habit, the arrogance of 'I' doesn't leave them alone. That is why, they inserted two 'I's of arrogance in NDA. First 'I' - the arrogance of 26 parties and the second 'I' - the arrogance of one family. They stole NDA too. They also broke India - I.N.D.I.A,” the PM said. However, the no-confidence motion was defeated in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. The NDA defeated the no-confidence motion comfortably with a voice vote in the Lok Sabha. The opposition moved a no-confidence motion against the Modi government on July 26 which was taken up by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. The three days of the motion witnessed a fierce battle between the ruling and the Opposition coalitions over the Manipur violence and other raging issues.

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