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Yoga is an invaluable gift of Indian saints presented by PM Modi to the world at large: UP CM Yogi

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath while congratulating the people of the state of Uttar Pradesh has appealed to them to adopt yoga on the eve of International Yoga Day which is celebrated all over the world on June 21. The CM gave this message while releasing a video message on his official Twitter handle. In the video message, he said that the practice of yoga never goes in vain and removes all sorrows. "Hearty congratulations and best wishes to all of you on the 9th 'International Yoga Day'.Yoga keeps both body and mind healthy. It is the medium of health, happiness, peace, harmony. Yoga has been an integral part of our eternal tradition since the beginning. Yoga is an invaluable gift of Indian saints, which has been presented to the world at large by Prime Minister Modi for the well-being of people", he wrote.On the initiative of the Prime Minister, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved the resolution to celebrate International Yoga Day on 21 June every year, recognizing India's traditional heritage of yoga. The first International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21, 2015. "Accepting the importance of Yoga, most of the countries of the world expressed their gratitude towards the sage tradition of India. This year its theme has been kept Har Aangan Yoga by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. Its aim is to achieve wellness and health benefits by connecting every family with yoga. Yoga Day is being organized widely in the state. That's why you must adopt yoga. Be healthy, be happy", the CM added furrther. On Wednesday, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, CM Yogi will do yoga with people at Gorakhnath temple complex in Gorakhpur. On the other hand, Governor Anandi Ben Patel will do yoga on the Raj Bhavan premises in Lucknow. Finance Minister Suresh Khanna at Residency Lucknow and Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs Kaushal Kishore will practice yoga with people at Kakori Shaheed Smarak in Lucknow.

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