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“POK is, was and will remain part of India,” says Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on June 26 while addressing an event in Jammu called out Pakistan for spreading terrorism and further affirmed government’s stance over the status of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir and said POK is, was and will remain part of India. He said, “Ever since India became independent, it has been a constant effort by many anti-India forces to create an atmosphere of instability within India. Efforts are being made continuously on a large scale from the soil of Pakistan. Our govt started effective action against terrorism and for the first time, not only the country but the world came to know what is the meaning of zero tolerance against terrorism.” “A large part of Jammu and Kashmir is under the occupation of Pakistan. The people there are seeing that on the Indian side, people are living their lives peacefully but injustice is being done to them by the Pakistan government...POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) is, was and will remain a part of India,” further said Rajnath Singh.

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