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Delhi has become crime capital of India: Congress leader Pramod Tiwari

New Delhi : Congress leader Pramod Tiwari on Monday said that the national capital has turned into a hub of crime and that the centre must take action to ensure law and order in the city. "This is true that Delhi has become the crime capital of India. Law and order are under centre and they must insure it. Steps need to be taken to improve it by the Centre," said Congress leader Pramod Tiwari. He further said that this must be put to a stop and that the centre and the Home Minister Amit Shah, must take necessary steps to at least make the country's national capital a safe place to reside in. "It is a fact and everybody accepts it that from the past few days, especially the past one or two months, the national capital has witnessed several crimes. The way cases of rape, murder, violence and theft are continuously unfolding in the national capital. It has become a crime capital," said the Congress leader. Earlier on June 21, in response to Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena's reply to his previous letter, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal highlighted the urgency of the law and order situation in the capital and called for immediate action to ensure the safety and security of over two crore residents of Delhi. In the letter, CM Arvind Kejriwal emphasised that the contents of the LG's response demonstrated a lack of concrete solutions and a tendency to shift responsibility. "Sir, it is easy to term an extremely serious issue directly concerning the safety of lives and properties of over two crore residents of Delhi as being "politicised", but your response did not offer even a single effective step being considered by political bosses of Delhi Police - Ministry of Home Affairs and Lieutenant Governor of Delhi- to assure Delhiites that there is somebody to care for their safety," the letter reads.The CM has also acknowledged that the LG may be relatively new to Delhi and not fully aware of the ground reality. However, he emphasised that the alarming rise in serious crimes cannot be treated as business as usual, especially by a Constitutional functionary whose primary duty is to maintain law and order in Delhi. The CM criticised the LG for creating impediments in the functioning of the elected government, bypassing Constitutional principles and Supreme Court judgments, thereby neglecting the safety and security of Delhi residents. "The urge to steal credit for the works of the elected government in a bid to please political masters has badly affected your constitutionally mandated primary work, which is to maintain law and order in Delhi," the letter states. Responding to the reference made by the LG to the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case, CM Arvind Kejriwal highlighted the significant public outrage that followed, leading to a revamp of criminal laws to provide effective deterrents against crimes against women. He questioned whether the current central government represented by the LG has the sensitivity to introduce fresh measures to address the recent surge in serious crimes in Delhi. He has also expressed his bewilderment at the LG's reluctance to acknowledge the urgent need for improvement in the law and order situation. With just a few weeks remaining before Delhi hosts the G-20 summit, the Chief Minister stressed the negative perception that would arise when headlines are dominated by incidents of serious crime. Furthermore, the CM has highlighted that he received reports indicating a severe shortage of manpower in police stations, hampering effective policing and patrolling to prevent crimes. Several police stations are operating at only 35 per cent to 40 per cent of their sanctioned strength, severely limiting their ability to maintain law and order. The CM appealed for a reassessment of the required number of Delhi Police personnel in proportion to the city's population, urging the authorities to address this critical issue promptly."Solution lies in giving priority to the needs of Delhi Police, increasing its strength and ensuring its engagement with the residents to make Delhi safe and secure," the CM wrote.

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