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“Bhookhe-nango ke khilaf saazish…” Pak author rejects ‘foreign conspiracy’ claims over IMF bailout

With raging inflation and plunging GDP, Pakistan’s economic situation continues to nosedive into new lows. While, Shehbaz-led Pakistan govt is failing miserably to lift the country’s economy, Pakistan govt is shamed by none other than its own political leaders, authors, and Journalists. This time, a Pakistani author Hassan Nisar humiliated the crisis-riven nation. Calling off any ‘foreign conspiracy’ claims over IMF bailout, the political analyst ridiculed Pakistan by dubbing it as “Bhookhe-Nange”. Hassan Nisar made the remark during an audience queries session on his exclusive YouTube channel. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the annual budget of Pakistan as it might decide ‘fate’ of the cash-strapped nation. Not only that, Pakistan’s annual budget will also be closely watched by the IMF. Pakistan is reeling under a severe economic quagmire with inflation plunging to a record low of 37.97 pc in May. Meanwhile, the IMF has conducted just eight of the 11 reviews that were to take place during the EFF.

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