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“He proudly greeted everyone…” Kovai Kamatchipuri Adhinam Priest on meeting with PM

Kovai Kamatchipuri Adhinam priest Gnanaguru Saktha Sri Sivalingeswara Swamigal on May 27 reacted to ANI about Adhinam’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that the PM proudly accepted Adhinam’s prasadham and mementos. “More than 25 Adhinam seers have come from Tamil Nadu and gave respect to Prime Minister in a special way by giving their respective Mutt’s prasadham and mementos. Prime Minister proudly accepted it and greeted everyone,” said Gnanaguru Saktha Sri Sivalingeswara Swamigal. The Sengol which was given during the time of Independence will be placed in the centre hall tomorrow morning. Prime Minister will inaugurate the new Parliament building tomorrow and will place the Sengol there. All Mutt Adhinam seers will participate in this,” he further said.

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