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TDP's Lokesh confident Amaravathi will remain people's capital

Raptadu, (Andhra Pradesh) : Telugu Desam Party (TDP) National General Secretary Nara Lokesh, on Friday expressed confidence that Amaravati will certainly win the battle and will remain the people's capital. As the agitation of the farmers who donated their lands for Amaravathi reached 1,200 days, Nara Lokesh, during his Yuva Galam pada yatra, thanked them for their relentless battle and said that the ultimate result will be in their favour. "Your sacrifice will not go to waste and Amaravathi will certainly remain as people's capital," Lokesh added. On the 56th day of his pada yatra on Friday, Lokesh was given a rousing welcome at CK Palli of the Raptadu Assembly segment. The old complained to the TDP national general secretary that their pension has been withdrawn as their monthly power bill is more than the limit set by the Government."Pensions have been withdrawn for over 6 lakh people and another 6 lakh people are going to lose the benefit very soon. Pension facility for all of them will be revived once the TDP forms the government," Lokesh said and promised the petty traders and local women that their problems will be resolved once the TDP is back in power. The representatives of Valmikis and Boyas met Lokesh with an appeal to include them in the BC list as their lives are impoverished. The Kurubas also complained that the Rs 2 lakh loan facility for them has been withdrawn by this Government for which Lokesh said that once the TDP is into the government all their issues will be resolved on a priority basis. He said that the funds meant for BC welfare are being diverted by the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, and the BCs are being harassed by foisting even petty cases against them. Those cases will be lifted by the TDP as soon as the party forms the government and it is only Chandrababu Naidu who always stands by the BCs, Lokesh added. Moved over the problems narrated by the locals, Lokesh said that sand is being illegally transported to Bengaluru with the support of the Dharmavaram MLA, Venkatrami Reddy, and unable to bear the torture by the MLA, the Jockey company left Andhra Pradesh due to which 6,000 persons lost their employment. Those who have given their land to the Jockey company met Lokesh and wanted him to bring the Jockey company back to Rapthadu as soon as the party is back in power. The TDP general secretary assured them that immediately after coming back to power justice will be done to them. AT SS Gate, the auto workers met Lokesh and submitted a memorandum to him in which they wanted the fuel prices to be brought down once the TDP is in power again. Responding to them, Lokesh said targets have been fixed for the police to collect money from the vehicle users in the shape of challans. He promised to lift the green tax immediately after coming to power.

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