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‘Pak Army no match for Indian Army…’ Journalist Hamid Mir reveals ex-Pak Army Chief’s ‘confession’

While Pakistan continues to flex muscles with ‘nuclear threats’, recent claims by Pakistan journalist exposed Pakistan Army’s ‘competency’. According to startling revelations made by Pakistan journalist Hamid Mir in a TV interview, the country suspected a possibility of war with India. In an interview with UK-based Pakistani media ‘UK44’, Mir quoted Pak Army Chief Gen Javed Bajwa’s opinion on country’s military prowess. General Bajwa admitted that Pakistan “cannot go to war with India”, Hamid Mir said while narrating a conference of commanders. According to Mir, during the conference, Bajwa confessed that ‘Pakistan Army is no match for the Indian Army’. Mir also claimed that devoid of options, Javed Bajwa proposed to mend ways with India to have normal relationship. According to Dawn’s report, threat of an “all-out war” with India was one of the security-related issues for Pakistan trying to delay elections. The report was submitted to the Supreme Court of Pakistan by the defence ministry in a move to delay the General Elections. With the recent revelations by Hamid Mir, questions surround ability of Pakistan Army to face Indian soldiers.

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