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‘Lion of Punjab, Son of Hindustan’ Tarek Fatah, Pak’s exposer, passes away; daughter pays tribute

Tarek Fatah’s daughter Natasha Fatah passed on his beliefs and massage to the world post his demise due to cancer. Natasha Fatah on April 24 recalled her father’s wise words for India and shared his belief of ‘India’ making the world ‘colourful’ after its creation. “His love for India was matched equally with the depth of sorrow and pain he felt for the partition. Soul of India was ripped during the partition. When we could have been Hindustan, we were torn apart and made to fight with each other. And there are still forces at play that are trying to do that, but my father fought them for almost his entire life. He always said that the world was black and white and then god created India,” Fatah said. Pakistan-born author Tarek Fatah, who was also an exposer of Pakistan’s lies, passed away at the age of 73 due to prolonged illness. His daughter took to her Twitter handle to share the sad news.

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