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Khalistan: Pakistan steps up its proxy war against India

The Khalistani movement, which seeks a separate Sikh homeland in the sovereign Indian state of Punjab, has re-emerged after successive military operations in the 1980s suppressed the movement from getting further traction.In what appeared to be the well-coordinated execution of a nefarious plan, a trained Khalistani, Amritpal Singh, descended on Indian soil last September, allegedly after his successful indoctrination by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in the later tenure of his over a decade-long stint in Dubai. The self-styled preacher and leader of ‘Waris Punjab De’ a secessionist group, quickly ascended the infamy ladder thanks to his proclivity for rabble rousing and his anti-India speeches. Currently, Amritpal Singh is at large. Amritpal has been in hiding since Indian agencies launched an operation to arrest him following his purported role in anti-India activities. Indian agencies have already arrested dozens of his aides, associates, and financiers.

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