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“Kashmir was never ours…” Pakistani journalist shows mirror to Islamabad

Time and again, Pakistan never leaves any stone unturned to raise Kashmir issues at international fora. However, a senior Pakistani journalist’s startling admission on Kashmir has sent shockwaves across the crisis-hit nation. In an interview, journalist Imtiaz Gul said that “Kashmir was neither part of Pakistan nor it will be in future.” Adding salt in Pak’s wounds, Imtiaz also revealed that after abrogation of Article 370, ISI spent a whopping amount to defaming India. Pak establishment organised seminars and meetings in Karachi, Islamabad to discuss Kashmir and criticize BJP’s regime. The journalist also revealed that former Pakistani Army General Bajwa emphasized the need strengthening of Ind-Pak ties. Bajwa also said that the Pakistan’s path of progress goes through India, the journalist claimed. Gul’s comments came days after another senior journalist in the country left Pakistan red-faced. Hamid Mir in an interview claimed that General Bajwa had admitted that ‘Pakistan Army is no match for Indian Army’.

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