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Bandi Sanjay calls for judicial inquiry into Telangana govt exam cancellation

Hyderabad (Telangana) : Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party chief Bandi Sanjay on Saturday attacked the KCR government over the cancellation of the assistant engineer exam paper by the Telangana State Public Service Commission and called for a judicial inquiry into the matter. Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) had ordered the cancellation of an examination held on March 5, this year in view of a paper leak. Accusing the Telangana government of spoiling the lives of lakhs of students, Bandi said that they are protesting on roads and the government is not giving any response."You (state govt) do not care to conduct the exam after cancelling a paper. You have spoiled the lives of 30 lakh students. Now, you are going to Delhi saying there is some case. Before talking about other states, you first talk about Telangana. The youth have come onto the roads and are protesting. But you are not responding to it or even giving them some faith. If something good happens, you take credit but when something bad happens, you put it on someone else," he said. Bandi said that if any person from the BJP is involved in the matter, he should be arrested and an investigation should be carried out by a sitting judge. "The mother of Renuka is BRS sarpanch and her brother is a BRS party leader. If anyone from BJP is involved, arrest them too. Why have you closed off the investigation? An investigation should be done by a sitting judge if you have not done any mistakes. You just keep shouting BJP is involved. But they (TSPSC people) are working under you since 2017. You have put them in TSPSC. You could not catch a thief in so many years. What have you done? You have cancelled the exams," the BJP leader said. Asked if Rajshekhar, an accused in TSPSC is a BJP worker, he said, "Who is the Karyakartha of whom? Even a startup company before appointing someone checks their background and their history. Isn't this your inefficiency? What did your commission do? What did TSPSC do? Many students who did not even have enough money for coaching, studied hard for the exams. Go to the library, you will know how sad the students are."

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