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Pakistan embarrassed again as PM Sharif faces flak for sending old flood relief material to Turkey

The relief material that Pakistan sent to Türkiye is under the lens over startling allegations. Shehbaz Sharif-led government is facing heat once again over veteran journalist’s claims. Journalist Shahid Masood alleged that Pakistan sent repackaged relief aid that they received from Türkiye. Adding weight to Dr Shahid’s claims, PTI leader Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur raised questions in Senate. During the Assembly Session, Taimur said that this act has brought shame to the nation. Notably, this aid was received by Pakistan for Sindh which was one of the worst hit by floods. Türkiye had extended support to its ally and sent relief material to assist Pakistan. Recently, Türkiye and Syria witnessed one of the worst quakes in their history and lost over 47,000 lives. Amid these tough times, Pakistan also extended support to Türkiye and sent relief teams. However, the country is facing heat over claims of repackaging flood aid and sending it back to Turkiye. Recent allegations against Pakistan left the country red-faced as Türkiye is one of its closest allies.

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