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“Situation 'stable' at border…” China after India-China Tawang clash

Indian, Chinese troops were engaged in a faceoff in Tawang, Arunachal on Dec 09. India had raised the matter diplomatically with China. Around 3,000 PLA soldiers crossed over to the Indian side being heavily prepared. However, Chinese Foreign Ministry said that situation at the India-China border “generally stable”. "As far as we understand, the current situation on the China-Indian border is generally stable. The two sides have been maintaining open communication on this issue through diplomatic and military channels. We hope that the Indian side and the Chinese side will move in the same direction, earnestly implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of both countries, strictly abide by the spirit of the relevant agreements and accords signed by both sides, and work together to maintain peace and tranquillity in the China-India border area. As for the specific issue you mentioned, I suggest you to ask the relevant authorities." Both sides immediately disengaged from the area.

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