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"Govt has kept country in dark for days," Owaisi lashes out at Centre after Tawang face-off reports emerge

New Delhi: Soon after reports of a face-off between the Indian and Chinese troops in the Tawang sector in Arunachal Pradesh on Friday surfaced, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi lashed out at the Centre accusing it of keeping the country in the "dark" for days and asked why Parliament was not informed about the incident. A face-off between Indian and Chinese troops in the Tawang sector in Arunachal Pradesh on December 9 led to minor injuries "to a few personnel" from both sides, sources said on Monday and noted that both sides immediately disengaged from the area. Taking to Twitter on Monday, Owaisi, who is an MP in the Lok Sabha, said that he would give an adjournment motion on Tuesday on the issue. He called the reports from Arunachal "worrying and alarming". "The reports coming from Arunachal Pradesh are worrying and alarming. A major clash took place between Indian and Chinese soldiers and the government has kept the country in the dark for days. Why was the Parliament not informed, when it is in session?" Owaisi tweeted. The AIMIM chief said that the details that have come to the fore are "sketchy" and sought clarity on the incident if it was similar to Galwan in which soldiers from the Indian side had suffered casualties. "The details of the incident are sketchy. What was the cause of the clash? Were shots fired or was it like Galwan? How many soldiers have been injured? What is their condition? Why can't the Parliament extend their public support to the soldiers to send a strong message to China?" he tweeted. Owaisi also took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership calling it "weak" and said that it led to "humiliation against China". He called for an "urgent" discussion in Parliament on the issue. "The army is capable of giving a fitting reply to the Chinese at any time. It is the weak political leadership under Modi which has led to this humiliation against China. This needs an urgent discussion in Parliament. I will be giving an Adjournment motion tomorrow on this issue," Owaisi tweeted. The sources said on December 9, 2022, PLA troops contacted the LAC in the Tawang Sector of Arunachal Pradesh which was contested by Indian troops in a firm and resolute manner. "This face-off led to minor injuries to a few personnel from both sides. Both sides immediately disengaged from the area," a source said. They said as a follow-up of the incident, India's Commander in the area held a Flag Meeting with his counterpart to discuss the issue in accordance with structured mechanisms to restore peace and tranquillity. The sources said that in certain areas along the LAC in the Tawang Sector in Arunachal Pradesh there are areas of differing perception, wherein both sides patrol the area up to their claim lines. This has been the trend since 2006.

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