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Trump back on Twitter after Musk confirms his account reinstatement

Finally, Donald Trump's Twitter account was reinstated on Nov 20. Elon Musk lifted 22-month suspension on Donald Trump over ‘incitement of violence’. Twitter Chief reinstated Trump’s account after conducting a poll on Twitter. Over 15 million Twitter users voted in Musk’s ‘Reinstate Trump Poll’. 51.8 pc people voted in favour of reinstating Trump and 48.2 pc against. However, Trump had appeared less than keen earlier in the day. Trump's account was suspended following January 6 insurrection at Capitol Hill after 2020 Presidential polls. Recently, Musk began reinstating accounts that were previously banned for breaking Twitter’s norms. Donald Trump announced that he is running for US President in 2024 election. Author Jordan Peterson, Comedian Kathy Griffin were among the first people whose accounts were reinstated.

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