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UP: Ramjanmbhoomi in Ayodhya adorned with tonnes of flowers, ahead of Diwali

Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) : Ahead of Diwali, Ram Janmbhoomi in Ayodhya has been adorned with countless indigenous and exotic flowers. Every intersection of Ayodhya is embellished with rangolis made of flowers to make the Deepotsav 2022 more magnificent. Teams of specialised artists from areas like Mathura, Sitapur, and other cities have been invited to work on the decoration of the Ram temple, Ramlalla and Ramayana gates. Forty quintals of marigolds and 2,000 bundles of gerbera flowers have been used to decorate the Ram temple. Six quintals of white, blue, yellow, purple, and green flower petals have been used to make the rangolis. In addition, various species of flowers like Lillies, Denim and Carnations from Kolkata and Bangalore were brought to Ayodhya to be used in decoration. Balkrishna Saini, a flower decoration specialist, said, "the flowers were imported from outside to adorn the place of 'Ramlalla'. These flowers will be utilised to make Rangolis, decorate the Ram temple, and decorate the gate." The banks of river Sarayu await to be lit up with lakhs of 'Diyas' (earthen lamps) on the occasion of 'Deepotsava', the stage in Ayodhya is all set to showcase the culture of Uttar Pradesh and several other states through various forms of folk dance such as 'Dhobia', 'Faruwahi', 'Rai', and 'Chhau'.Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present in the holy city on the eve of Diwali on October 23 for the Deepotsav celebrations, marking his presence for the first time on the occasion in Ayodhya. The Yogi Adityanath government through the organisation of 'Deepotsava' will promote not only the state's spiritual and religious significance but also the 'Dhobia', and 'Faruwahi' dance artists. "The artistes of 'Braj' in Awadh will mesmerise the audience with the culture, language and unique characteristics of the land of Rama-Krishna," an official statement said. According to the statement, the confluence of language and culture of many states of India will also be seen on the sixth Deepotsava in Ayodhya. "From October 21 to 23, artists from Uttar Pradesh and many states will perform here. Local artists Vijay Yadav and Mukesh Kumar will perform the Faruwahi dance while Munnalal Yadav of Azamgarh will perform 'Dhobia'. Ghazipur artist Parasnath Yadav will perform folk singing. The people of Ayodhya will also get the opportunity to hear Sheshmani Saroj of Bhadohi who will enthral the audience with 'Birha'," the statement said. While Mahavir Singh Guddu of Haryana will introduce his region's folk songs and dance, Srishti Dhar Mahto Chhau of Jharkhand will show a cultural glimpse of his state through dance. Bhajans of Preet Prerna of Mumbai will also mark their presence on the cultural stage in the holy land of Lord Rama along with New Delhi-based Kathak artist Arupa Lahiri. The folk dance will also be organized by the Ministry of Culture, Government of Gujarat. "The state government is also making preparations to provide recognition to the talented artists of various districts of Uttar Pradesh through Deepotsava. The audience will be made to witness the confluence of many genres including Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Braj, Bundelkhandi, among others," the statement said. With a view to recreating the ambience of the Ramayana period that resembles the vibe of the 'Tretayuga' this Diwali, Ayodhya is all decked up with 'Ramayana gates' and tableaux.

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