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Rahul Gandhi refuses to comment on PM Modi's nepotism remark

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday refused to comment on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day speech in which he pointed out that corruption and nepotism are two big challenges the country is facing today. "I won't make a comment on these things. Happy Independence to everyone," said Rahul Gandhi, when asked about Prime Minister's 'Two big challenges we face today - corruption and Parivaarvaad or nepotism' remark. Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 76th Independence Day, the Prime Minister took aim at the twin evils of nepotism and corruption and sought the people's cooperation to fight them. The prime minister said that the country needs to shift its mentality from "Bhai-Bhatijawad" and Parivaarwad (nepotism) and give an opportunity to the citizens who deserve it. The Prime Minister said that there is no place for corruption in our society and that the people of the country need to come together as a society to punish those who have propagated the evil of corruption. "Today the nation shows anger towards corruption, but not the corrupted. Until and unless, people have the mentality of penalizing the corrupt, the nation cannot progress at optimum pace," Prime Minster Modi said."Another evil we need to come together against is nepotism. We need to give opportunities to those who are talented and will work towards the progress of the nation. Talent will be the basis of a New India. To cleanse every institute of India, let's shift our mentality from 'Bhai Bhatijawad' and Parivaarwad and give an opportunity to the citizens who deserve it," said PM Modi on the occasion of the country's 76th Independence Day. Though India is faced with numerous challenges and restrictions, the PM highlighted that the country has the ability to overcome them all for a New India. PM Narendra Modi said, "We have to fight against corruption with all our strength. In the last eight years, through the use of Aadhaar, DBT (Direct Benefit Transfers) and mobile were used to prevent nearly find Rs 2 lakh crores of black money from falling into the wrong hands," said the Prime Minister. The prime minister said that the second issue that the country has to tackle is that of 'Bhai Bhatijawad', which he said is not just limited to politics but in other spheres as well. He said there was a need to start a revolution against the practice. "When I talk about bhai-bhatijawad, people think I am talking about politics. But it is not so, I am not talking only about politics. the bhai-bhatijawad has entered many institutions in the country which is depriving eligible, talented people," PM Modi said. With respect to the sports sector, PM Modi said the selection of sportspersons is now conducted on the basis of talent and not 'bhai-bhatijawad' "India's flag is flying high now," PM Modi said. Prime Minister Modi, while addressing the nation for the ninth time from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day, urged the youth to dedicate the next 25 years of their lives for the development of the nation and highlighted five pleges 'Panch prans to fulfil the freedom fighters' dreams by the year 2047.

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