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Monkeypox is like any other sexually transmitted infection: Health expert

Mumbai: Infectious diseases expert & consultant for HIV/STDs Ishwar Gilada on July 14 informed that Monkeypox is just like any other sexually transmitted infection. Speaking about the recently surfaced virus, Gilada said, “Monkeypox is just like any other sexually transmitted infection. Somehow WHO is not declaring it as it will cause some kind of stigma/discrimination against people who are currently infected with it.” “Almost 99% of the cases currently are in MSM which is male having sex with male and almost 80% of the cases are in Europe and then in America, Canada, Australia and others. Monkeypox is transmitted mainly through close or very close personal contact,” he added. Further he also stated that currently there is no perfect treatment for monkeypox but smallpox vaccine can be useful as it can prevent monkeypox and act as a therapeutic agent for treating monkeypox. “We should avoid any stigma/discrimination & should take precautions,” said Dr Gilada.

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