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KCR directs TRS MPs to raise voice against injustice to Telangana in Parliament

Hyderabad (Telangana): Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday directed TRS MPs to raise their voices in both Houses of the Parliament against the Central government's "partisan attitude" towards the state of Telangana. A meeting of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Parliamentary Party under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister concluded at Pragati Bhavan on Saturday ahead of the commencement of the parliamentary sessions. Rao said that they must stop the absurd attitude of the BJP, trampling on their rights, including the promises of state division, in coordination with the opposition MPs. The Chief Minister said due to the anti-people policies followed by the Central government, the development of the country is stalled in all areas. There is a need to fight against the BJP government at the Centre and directed the MPs to make both the Houses of the Parliament the right platforms for that, he said. "The Modi government has never encouraged Telangana, which is developing with economic discipline but is indulging in conspiracies to hinder development," KCR said. Rao said Telangana has a track record of repayment without a single day or a single paisa of default in the eight years of the state's formation, the Chief Minister explained to the MPs. "It is very sad to see that PM Modi has turned a blind eye on Telangana, which is progressing unopposed under the regime and wants to suppress Telangana economically in the name of rules," Rao said. "The BJP leadership should clarify how the decisions taken by the Centre against Telangana are reaching the BJP social media groups. It is a criminal act to deliberately leak information related to the financial affairs of the country and the states, and spread bad propaganda against the Telangana government," Rao said. He made it clear to the MPs that BJP should be exposed in both the Houses of Parliament for such bankrupt and stupid affairs. On this occasion, KCR said that whatever development is achieved in the country, it contributes to the country's GDP. He said there are only eight states in the country that contribute a large percentage to the country's GDP, and Telangana is one of them. How much has gone from Telangana to the Centre in eight years? How many funds have come to Telangana from the Centre? Rao asked. The Chief Minister said that "If we look at the figures, even the common man will understand the injustice of the Central government to Telangana."

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