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Goddess Kali remarks row: No one's faith should be hurt at any cost, says Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) : After a row over filmmaker Leena Manimekalai's documentary poster 'Kaali', which depicts Goddess Kali in a derogatory manner, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday said that "Bharatiya Janata Party believe in respecting all religions and no one should indulge in hurting the sentiments of people belonging to other faiths. Addressing a public gathering in Sironj village of Vidisha district today, the Chief Minister said, "We are not against anyone's sentiments towards any religion. Nobody should feel hurt. Just now, I got to know that our Goddess Kali was insulted by a filmmaker. You must have seen it today. The FIR has been filed in Madhya Pradesh." "We will not tolerate any insult of our Goddess Kali. No one's faith should be hurt at any cost. We are against goons, dabangs and mafias," said Chouhan. A poster for a documentary by filmmaker Leena Manimekalai has sparked strong reactions on social media over the way it shows Goddess Kali. The filmmaker has been accused in a police complaint of hurting religious sentiments. Leena Manimekalai, who was born in Tamil Nadu's Madurai and is based in Toronto, had shared the poster of her film on Saturday. The poster shows a woman dressed like Goddess Kali and smoking. A flag of the LGBT community is seen in the background. Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy on Wednesday condemned the filmmaker as well. "As far as TMC is concerned, the party doesn't approve the poster for the film 'Kaali', it's unacceptable to us. We also don't approve of Mahua Moitra's statements on the matter. It's our party's official position. Our party is secular, it respects all religions," said TMC MP Saugata Roy. He said, "As far as FIRs are concerned, it's on Mahua Moitra to take care of that... Until BJP takes action on Nupur Sharma for her comments against Prophet, they have no right to speak about anything else." Mahua Moitra has been booked for allegedly hurting religious sentiments after her comment on Goddess Kali stirred a controversy. An FIR has been registered in Bhopal against Moitra under section 295A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for hurting religious sentiments. Reacting to the complaints against her by the BJP leaders, the TMC MP said: "Bring it on BJP! Am a Kali worshipper. I am not afraid of anything. Not your ignoramuses. Not your goons. Not your police. And most certainly not your trolls. Truth doesn't need back up forces." Soon after she made those remarks on Kali, the TMC distanced itself saying the comments were made in her personal capacity. In a tweet, the TMC said the comments made by Mahua Moitra and her views expressed on Goddess Kali have been made in her personal capacity "and are NOT ENDORSED BY THE PARTY in ANY MANNER OR FORM". "All India Trinamool Congress strongly condemns such comments," the party tweeted. Moitra's remarks came after a controversy erupted over a poster of filmmaker Leena Manimekalai's documentary 'Kaali'. The poster of the film depicted a woman dressed in a costume portraying the goddess and smoking. A flag of the LGBT community is seen in the background.

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