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BJP accuses Telangana govt of 'blocking' party programmes 'with help of police'

Kamareddy (Telangana) : The Bharatiya Janata Party's Telangana unit on Friday alleged that the K Chandrashekar Rao-led state government is "blocking" the BJP's programmes "with the help of the police" and accused TRS leaders of "attacking" BJP workers. "The ruling party is stopping the BJP activities everywhere with the help of the police. The current 'Palle Gosha- BJP Bharosa' programme of the state BJP has appointed one senior member for each constituency in Telangana to know the problems of the people and assure them of BJP's support. The leaders are required to stay in the constituencies for ten days and know the problems of the people to work on them. Vivek Venkataswamy, National Executive Committee Member and ex-MP, who is in charge of Jukkal constituency of Kamareddy district, was stopped by the police on his way to Burgul village," said the statement by the BJP. Alleging that the TRS workers "removed" all BJP flags, it said that they started a "commotion by attacking" Venkataswamy and his team. "He was detained by the police without being allowed to enter the village explaining the cooperation of the police towards the TRS party," the statement said. Venkatswamy, claiming a "huge support" of the people of the state, said that they will make sure the Chief Minister "steps down" from the post. According to the statement, state BJP president, Bandi Sanjay has condemned the arrest of Vivek Venkataswamy. National BJP leaders also condemned Vivek's arrest. Party workers protested in the districts against the arrest of the BJP National Executive Committee Member.

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