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PM Modi spent over Rs 2.52 Lakh crore in Telangana: HM Amit Shah

New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah while attending Telangana formation day celebration in Delhi on June 02 informed that Rs 2,52, 202 crore has been spent by PM Modi in the state. Speaking about the formation of Telangana, Shah said, “The history of the formation of Telangana has been full of struggles. For years, its youth struggled & sacrificed for the establishment of Telangana. Ultimately, on 2nd June 2014, the youngest state of India came into existence.” “Rs 252202 crore has been spent by PM Modi in Telangana. We sent money under various heads. We have never treated any state with a step-motherly treatment. Telangana has always been in PM Modi's heart but unfortunately, we did not receive a lot of support from state,” he added.

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