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1800 Hajis from Telangana to travel to Mecca as Haj resumes

Hyderabad (Telangana): Hajis from Andhra Pradesh, will be travelling from Telangana, along with a few Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Hajis. "We, along with the government of Telangana have visited the airport twice to see if no problems are being faced by the Hajis. The Home Minister, Haj officials, Customs department, CISF, Immigration and GMR officials had visited the airport," said Mohd Saleem, Haj Committee Chairman. "The KCR government, being the only secular government in India where no communal riots occur, is arranging for everything," he added. This time the Haj terminal is not separate, with the Hajis needing to travel from the International Airport. There is also a control room there for the Hajis to see if they don't face any trouble there."We are also setting up an insulation room here. If any traveller has COVID-19, he will have to be dropped from the list or we will see other possibilities. Earlier 1,60,000 Hajis used to go, but now only 80,000 from across the country are going," said the Haj Committee Chairman. 56,000 people are going through Haj Commitee, and 24,000 are going through private travel agents. "The government will monitor everything," he assured. Saleem said that Rs 2 crores have been sanctioned for it as the Hajis will arrive two days prior. "Hence, their breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided there. Also, transportation will be accommodated. 1800 Hajis will be travelling from Telangana and approximately 900 from Andhra Pradesh. About 300 from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu will also be travelling," said the Haj Committee Chairman. "We have made all the necessary arrangements. Training programs are also going on. Under the auspices of CM KCR, the Haj camp will be held, and he will be monitoring everything," he added.

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