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Rahul Gandhi takes 'raja' jibe at KCR, says Telangana polls to be direct battle between Congress, TRS

Warangal (Telangana) : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday attacked Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao saying the state is "not ruled by a Chief Minister but a raja" and the assembly elections in the state next year will be a direct fight between Congress and the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). Addressing Raithu Sangharshana Sabha here and sounding the poll bugle for the party in the state, Gandhi told party workers that Congress will not have any deal with TRS. "Congress leaders, and workers must note that our party will never end up in a deal with a person who has deceived Telangana; stolen thousands and crores of money from the state," he said. Rahul Gandhi also attacked the BJP, saying it does not take any action against Telangana Chief Minister despite allegations of corruption against his government. "BJP knows Congress will never end up in a deal with them, which is why it wants TRS govt in Telangana. Its proof is that Telangana CM can steal as much money as he wants and BJP govt (Centre) doesn't send ED after him," Rahul Gandhi said. The former Congress president attacked the Chief Minster and TRS government on issues concerning farmers. "Widows of farmers in the state are crying, there are thousands of them whose husbands committed suicide, whose responsibility is it? We will topple TRS in elections and it will be a direct battle between Congress and TRS... The person who has ruined the dream of Telangana, and stolen lakhs and crores from the youth, poor, we will not forgive them," he said. The Congress leader promised loan waiver to farmers and said they will get fair and accurate MSP. He promised Rs 15,000 per acre direct transfer. "Telangana's farmers need not be scared. As soon as Congress forms governmemnt, Rs 2 lakh (farm) loans will be waived off and you (farmers) will get the right MSP. This will be done in a few month's time (of Congress forming government)," he said. He said Congress ticket in polls will be given on a merit basis, "regardless of how powerful you are, or how big you are". "If you are not with the poor, farmers, you will not get the Congress ticket," he said. He recalled creation of new state of Telangana during rule of Congress-led UPA government. "To fulfil the dream of Telangana, people gave their blood and tears and fought for it. We also stood by you. Eventually, the Congress party and Sonia Gandhi gave a new state to its people despite knowing that it'll harm us," he said.

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