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Hyderabad laundry shop owner hails Telangana govt for providing 250 units’ free electricity

Hyderabad: A laundry shop owner from Hyderabad on May 08 hailed the Telangana government for providing 250 units’ free electricity. Telangana government has already implemented a number of schemes for the welfare of the people. While Speaking to ANI, Shanker said “Telangana government is giving us electricity free. Every day we earn 100 to 200 Rs with the less amount it’s very difficult to survive but now we are saving at least some amount on the power bill. Every month we use to pay minimum of 500 to 1000 rs but now we are saving that amount. After the KCR Govt formed we are getting free electricity and before we had water scarcity in our area however now we are getting plenty of drinking water. In Telangana Govt we are getting all the benefits KCR sir should live for 100 years he is doing good for poor people.”

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