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Welcoming Ramzan on progressive note: Army sets up tailoring classes for students of darul ulooms in Baramulla

Baramulla (Jammu and Kashmir) : With the onset of the pious month of Ramzan, the Indian Army in the Boniyar area of Jammu and Kashmir's Baramulla district rose to the occasion to provide necessary assistance to the local Imams' idea to include tailoring classes for the students of darul ulooms in addition to the ongoing curriculum. The Indian Army, in a press release, said that the local populace took Ramzan as an opportunity to uplift the ongoing educational learning at the local darul ulooms in the Boniyar Tehsil. "The Imams at the darul uloom of Bernate came up with an ideology to include tailoring class for the students in addition to the ongoing curriculum," it informed. The locals approached the Indian Army to ask for their help in providing the necessary assistance in undertaking the change in the curriculum at the onset of the pious month of Ramzan, said the Indian Army's statement. "The Indian Army rose to the opportunity and provided the local darul ulooms with tailoring machines and also with additional assistance in sustaining the tailoring classes which ultimately will help in providing overall grooming of the students of the darul ulooms," said the statement. "The locals expressed their gratitude and described it as a remarkable step to bring strong Bonhomie among the Army and the Locals," the release read further. The month brings with it peace and harmony. People are busy praying during this holy month. They refused all the pleasures of life. It is not only a fasting month, but it is also a time to learn to avoid lying and cheating, as well as a time to control oneself from all evil deeds. It is time to do good deeds. The Army further added that it is rightfully said, "Ramzan is, in its essence, a month of humanist spirituality."

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