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US State Dept 'bluntly' refutes Imran Khan's claim of 'foreign conspiracy'

Washington [US]: Refuting Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's claim of a 'conspiracy' by the US to topple the government in Islamabad, US State Department, for the fourth time, said there is absolutely no truth to these allegations. Deputy State Department spokeswoman Jalina Porter, in a press conference on Friday, rejected Imran's accusations and stated, "Let me just say very bluntly there is absolutely no truth to these allegations."Earlier, Imran Khan had accused the US of interfering in Pakistan's politics and plotting to oust his regime through a no-trust motion in the National Assembly. Jalina noted that Washington continues to follow the developments in Pakistan and it supports the constitutional process and rule of law in the country. "Of course, we continue to follow these developments, and we respect and support Pakistan's constitutional process and rule of law. But again, these allegations are not true," she concluded.

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