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Tamil Nadu: Probe begins in Thanjavur temple chariot festival electrocution incident, 11 dead

Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu) : An FIR has been registered and an investigation has started in connection with deaths due to electrocution during the chariot procession in Appar Swami temple of Tamil Nadu's Thanjavur on Wednesday. "A total of 11 people have died. Three people died on the spot and seven died in the hospital. 15 people are injured and have been taken to Thanjavur Medical College for treatment. FIR has been filed and an investigation into the matter has started," said V. Balakrishnan Inspector General of Police, Tiruchi Range. The police official said that the incident occurred after the temple car came in contact with a high voltage power line and went up in flames. "Prima facie it suggests that some high tension wire came in contact with the temple car (of chariot festival) during the annual chariot festival in the Kallimedu village," said Balakrishnan. "The temple car was negotiating a turn and faced some obstacle before being reversed when it came in contact with the overhead line," he added. More details are awaited.

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