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Tamil Nadu BJP won't allow Hindi imposition, says Annamalai

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) : Tamil Nadu Bhartiya Janata Party Chief K Annamalai on Tuesday said that the state BJP unit will not allow accept or allow Hindi imposition. Annamalai, while addressing a press conference, said, "Tamil Nadu BJP won't allow Hindi imposition in the state. The party will be proud if Tamil will be a link language in our country." He alleged that Congress tried to impose the Hindi language but it was opposed back then as well.The BJP leader's statement came after Union Home Minister Amit Shah emphasized the need to accept Hindi as an alternative to English and not to local languages. On the rising fuel prices, the BJP leader further said that all state governments have reduced the tax on fuel and asked the Tamil Nadu government to provide relief to the people. He added that the Central government is in the process to get fuel from Russia, but till then the state government should reduce the taxes.

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