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Delhi's Jahangirpuri clashes: RJD urges PM to come forward and give strong message to everyone

New Delhi : A day after a clash between two communities occurred in the national capital's Jahangirpuri area, Rashtriya Janta Dal MP, Manoj Kumar Jha on Sunday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come forward and give a strong message to everyone across the country on the matter. The round of political reactions is continuing on the stone-pelting in the Jahangirpuri area of the capital Delhi on the procession taken out during the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman. Rashtriya Janata Dal MP Prof Manoj Jha has demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself should intervene in view of the continuous riots happening in different parts of the country. Talking to ANI today on the same subject today, Prof Jha said, "I am familiar with the area of Jahangirpuri and we have never seen such scenes in Jahangirpuri before. The Jahangirpuri incident is not isolated. If you look at the images of different places from all over the country, then there is a pattern. I request the Prime Minister for his direct intervention. Prime Minister should give a strong message and whoever is indulging in such violence, tearing the social fabric, is hindering us in marking the 75th year of independence."Notably, on Saturday, a procession taken out during Hanuman Janmotsav was attacked by some people of a particular community in Jahangirpuri area, after which violence erupted there. In such an atmosphere of communal tension, both the parties and the political parties are constantly blaming each other. Prof Jha termed the continuous allegations and counter-accusations after this incident as unnecessary and said that it is unfortunate that whenever such an incident takes place, someone is making indecent remarks against each other. "The most important task of the 'social' fire brigade was to douse off the fire. We have embarked on a journey backwards and are falling into a new abyss every day," he said. He added, "In view of these incidents, the Bharatiya Janata Party expressed its anguish while the opposition parties questioned the intentions. Opposition urged the Centre to look in the mirror and introspect on the incidents. To whom will I go if I have a complaint today? I don't have any other option but to urge the Prime Minister. In the 75th year of independence, the Prime Minister should come out and give a strong message."

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