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Delhi: Sections of auto drivers to hold strike over CNG price hike

New Delhi: Amid the rising fuel prices in the country, sections of auto drivers will hold a strike over the CNG price hike on April 08 in Delhi. Associations of auto, cab, and taxi drivers will also hold protests at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. While speaking to ANI, a driver said, “Work is affected as the price of CNG is rising every day. Old meter rates are still being followed.” “We are facing issues due to inflation. If we ask for Rs 10 to 20 more from passengers, they get off the auto and walk away. The price of CNG are rising every day. Where will the poor people go? The Government will take note only when all drivers will take to the streets,” an auto driver said.“Many of us drive rented auto rickshaws. After buying CNG and paying the auto rickshaw owner, not much remains in our hand. What will we even earn and what will we use for us?” another auto driver said.

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