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BJP's Roopa Ganguly slams Mamata Banerjee govt for 'land mafia raj' in Bengal

New Delhi : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday lashed out at the West Bengal government for promoting 'land mafia raj' in the state. Speaking to media today, the BJP leader said that the Trinamool Congress government is planning to build a museum there at Presidency Jail in West Bengal where Britishers kept political prisoners including freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose lived. "For many years in West Bengal, an important prison is known as Presidency Jail, where Subhas Chandra Bose also lived, existed. The great importance of that place is that there were many freedom fighters. As on date, the country is celebrating the Amrit Kaal Mahotsav in remembrance of such freedom fighters. We are explaining to the people across the country that they should know their your history and in such a time, they are doing this."The BJP leader alleged that the TMC-led state government is planning to build a museum there. "When I did RTI about it, the answer came in vain. The answer came that the government does not know anything about it. The answer came that it is only in the planning stage." Ganguly claimed that trees are being cut off to build a museum there. "The TMC government should give a clarification on what is happening there? No, we have come to hear that the demolition has started. We are very angry about this," she said. She added, "It looks like the land mafia raj has been going on for many years here, this land in one of our jails is being captured due to the mafia rule."

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