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Assam: Cyberattack in Oil India's headquarters, attackers demand over Rs 57 cr as ransom

Dibrugarh (Assam) : Oil India Limited's headquarter in the Dibrugarh district of Assam witnessed a ransomware attack which lead to the shutting down of the company's computer and IT systems. "Oil India Limited's registered headquarter at Duliajan is under a ransomware attack which led to the company shutting down its computers and IT systems," said OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika on Sunday. Hazarika informed that the attackers had asked for a ransom of USD 75 lakhs (over Rs 57 crore). "As of now, there is no clue about the identity of the hacker or how that hack made way to our systems. Investigation agencies are probing the issue," he added.However, the oil production operations of India's second-largest national oil and gas company are functioning normally. "With regards to oil production, operations are functioning normally. SAP platform is not affected the only issue arising is in the personal desktops installed in our offices. Some of them have been cleaned, work is in progress on the remaining desktops," he said. The company's representative also said that a team of IT experts are working with the company to strengthen Oil India's firewall system. "We are taking the help of an IT security expert team. Special agent which can be called a superior anti-virus will be installed on every system so that such incidents don't occur once again," he added. FIR has been registered by police on the basis of complaints by the company. Investigation agencies are probing the matter.

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