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Taliban's education ministry asks women personnel to wear hijab

Kabul [Afghanistan]: Taliban's Ministry of Education has asked its women personnel to wear Hijab to their offices, while asking the men to refrain from shaving their beards, media reports said. The new guidelines issued "recommends" the male members of the Taliban's education ministry to refrain from shaving their beards and to perform the five daily prayers in the mosque wearing headscarves and hats while the female members have been asked to wear the "Sharia Hijab" to their offices The development comes just a few days after the Taliban announced the opening of schools for girls starting March 22 (today).The majority of countries have refused to formally recognise the Taliban amid worries over their treatment of girls and women. and other human rights issues. Earlier this month, in a meeting held in Afghanistan, the female Foreign Ministers of at least seventeen countries across the world expressed deep concerns regarding human rights violations and restrictions against women in Afghanistan, said a media report. Notably, the US special envoy for Afghan Women and Human Rights, Rina Amiri, on International Women's Day, had stressed the importance of participation of Afghan women for an inclusive, stable and economically viable Afghanistan, reports said.

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