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Recycling of Old clothes into ballpoint pen in Moscow

Moscow (Russia): Unique equipment for processing of synthetic fibres namely polyester operates in the capital city of Russia, Moscow. A charitable non-profit organisation “Second Breath” carries out the collection and processing of textiles. The fluff enters the melting stage through the pipeline turning into irregularly shaped strands. They are crushed to the state of granules. Such equipment processes 70 - 100 kilos of fabric per hour. Recycled granules are sent to an injection molding machine. They are melted down again, then poured into molds and pressed down with a press. After that they get cooled down, & the finished result is obtained -a ballpoint pen. Besides pen, almost any plastic product can be made from synthetics. More than 2 million tons of textile waste is thrown away in Russia every year. Clothing takes up to 200 years to decompose. In the process it releases methane, pollutes soil & groundwater. The trend towards conscious consumption is only becoming part of the everyday life of Russians. Rational consumption will save not only the environment, but also the budget.

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