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Rajasthan REET paper leak: Independent MLA Baljeet Yadav runs for 12 hours in protest

Jaipur (Rajasthan) : Independent MLA Baljeet Yadav on Friday ran continuously for around 12 hours to protest against the Rajasthan government over the issue of Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teacher (REET) paper leak and raised concern over unemployment and rotten system in the education system. The MLA ran since early morning on the 5 km long jogging track in Central Park, demanding justice for the unemployed youths in the state. He said, "Earlier, it was the BJP and now, it is the Congress. The governments keep changing but the procedure of selection in the state remains same." Baljeet blamed the government for not taking interest in the rising issue of unemployment in the state. He allegedly said, "The head of 'paper loot gang', Ram Kripal Meena, should be arrested. He is a private college owner which is the centre for all the exams in Rajasthan, and also the REET. The government should investigate who assigned him the duty and the keys to the room where the exam papers were kept."He questioned, "If the Jaipur Collector has assigned the duty, there are many government employees under Jaipur Collector but why was the owner of a private college assigned duty in the examination centre." "One boy came to me and told me, RK Meena asked 8 lakh for selection, and because he had no money, he was not selected. In another case, Meena asked for 10 lakhs from a boy to confirm his selection. Meena told the boy that he will change the OMR sheets once you give the money, and your selection will be confirmed." the MLA said. The selection rate of Rajasthan youth is zero in 23 states, MLA claimed, "The youth of Rajasthan has been facing this bias in the entire country. Other states give preference to their domiciles, and the youths of Rajasthan lag behind not only in other states but also in their own states as well. The selection here is based on the amount of money you offer. Even the Civil Services Exam papers do not leak but REET exam paper here leaks almost every year." A senior minister of the state government and other MLAs reached the park and urged Yadav to stop, considering hot weather, but could not succeed. Yadav said that the future of Rajasthan is more important than his health. "The future of Rajasthan is in darkness, the farmers, unemployed youths and all other here have high hopes from the government, it is the duty of the Rajasthan government to take immediate and appropriate actions against it." said the MLA.

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