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No trust vote: Imran Khan warns Opposition it will 'lose this match badly'

Islamabad [Pakistan]: Amid looming vote on no-confidence motion against him, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday warned the Opposition saying "you are going to lose this match badly", reported local media. Referring to the disgruntled PTI lawmakers openly showing their defiance to the ruling government, Imran Khan alleged that they had been bought off by the Opposition, however, he would not use the same tactic of offering money to take them back in the fold, reported the Dawn newspaper. "I curse on the government that requires me to bring back defected leaders using public money," the media outlet quoted him as saying during a public rally in the Malakand area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.He further promised to "forgive" his MNAs who he alleged have been threatened to switch loyalty and vote against him in the National Assembly. "I will forgive you if you come back. We all commit mistakes. I am like a father who forgives his children and I will pardon you as well," he stated, according to the media outlet. However, his compassionate calls were laced with threats as he warned against consequences in case the dissident leaders decided to go against him. Imran Khan's remarks come as dozens of PTI MNAs came out in open defiance against the ruling party ahead of the no-confidence motion vote in the National Assembly. Notably, in 342-seat National Assembly, the PTI-led ruling coalition has 178 seats and the opposition has 163 seats. As many as 172 votes are required for the success of the no-confidence motion and thus, the vote of dissident MNAs plays an important role.

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