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Many accomplished leaders in G-23, ignoring them a big mistake, says Vikramaditya after resigning from Congress

New Delhi : Former Union Minister Karan Singh's son Vikramaditya Singh on Tuesday resigned from the primary membership of the Congress party and said there are many accomplished Congress leaders in G23 and ignoring them is a big mistake. While resigning from the grand old party, he said his thought process was not aligned with the party. "There are many accomplished Congress leaders in G23; ignoring them is a big mistake. If you don't change with time, don't keep public and youths' aspirations in mind, you'll fade away. If a group has emerged to give suggestions to high command, the party should cooperate," Vikramaditya told media."My thought process with Congress wasn't aligning; be it supporting Balakot airstrikes after the Pulwama attack or supporting the abrogation of Article 370 or 35A... it isn't just about J&K, it's also about national interests. Congress hasn't given any response," he added. Vikramaditya, who joined Congress in 2018, said he had expectations that his party will take steps on aspirations of the J&K public and suggested some organizational changes but was disappointed as no progress in that direction was made in the last 2-3 years. Although he didn't see the film 'The Kashmir Files' but he said, "I was in Srinagar till 1989... It's sad that Congress is still in denial and is not accepting the repercussions of the Kashmiri genocide." Earlier today, Congress leader Vikramaditya Singh resigned from the party "with immediate effect", saying the Congress was unable to reflect the sentiments and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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