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Ex-Navy SEAL and YouTuber Rhee Keun says he is alive in Ukraine

Seoul [South Korea]: While Russia claims that it killed 180 'foreign mercenaries' in Ukraine, a former Korean Navy UDT SEAL Rhee Keun, who has joined Ukraine's army as a volunteer, is reportedly alive in Ukraine and currently undergoing the military operation.According to the Munhwa Il-bo on the 14th, Rhee's close aside said in the interview that he recently contacted Rhee. He said, "Rhee is currently carrying out the operation well, and I'm in regular contact with him to check his safety in Ukraine." He added, "It is difficult to disclose the operation in detail for security reasons." He also said that Rhee is not included in 180 foreign soldiers that Russia claims it killed. He said, "I heard that there are more Korean volunteers who have joined the Ukrainian army, including reserve officers and non-commissioned officers. Most of them entered Ukraine through the Poland route." Another community user also claimed that Rhee's death is not true because Rhee recently read his SNS message.

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