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Amit Shah slams Trinamool Congress, says BJP won't resort to violence to win polls

New Delhi : Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday in a veiled attack on Trinamool Congress said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wants to win elections on basis of its ideology, leadership's popularity and performance of the government and not by unleashing violence against rivals. Shah, while replying in the debate over the Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2022, in Lok Sabha, questioned the objection of the Opposition over electing candidates on the basis of ideology and popularity and said that only those afraid of losing power have an objection to it. "We want to contest and win elections on the basis of our programme, ideology, the popularity of our leaders and our performance. But we don't want to come to power by killing the workers of Opposition," Shah said. "We don't want this through a series of murders. We don't want this by raping the wives and sisters of workers. This is not our culture," he added in a veiled reference to the violence in West Bengal under the ruling Trinamool Congress government. "Every party should go everywhere with their ideology, stand, program and performance," Shah asserted calling it the "beauty of democracy." "What's objectionable here? If a party thinks its candidates should be elected to power on the basis of their ideology & popularity, what is objectionable here? Only those who fear the loss of power can be objecting to this. Advocates of democracy can never object to it," the Minister said.

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