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US Embassy urges Americans to leave Ukraine through Hungary, Romania, Slovakia

Kyiv [Ukraine]: The US Embassy in Ukraine has warned that the security situation throughout the country "continues to be unpredictable, with active fighting inside many cities and other locations". This comes as thousands of Ukrainians and refugees of other nationalities are attempting to flee Ukraine from various border crossings amid the Russian military operations in the country. "The security situation throughout Ukraine continues to be unpredictable, with active fighting inside many cities and other locations, and conditions may deteriorate as military attacks by Russia continue in various parts of the country without any warning," the embassy said. According to the statement, roads may be crowded, exposed to combat operations, and infrastructure like bridges may have been destroyed or damaged by the fighting. "Sheltering in place may remain the best option for some," it said. The US embassy urged its citizens to cross into Hungary, Romania and Slovakia if possible, citing "severely backed up" border crossings into Poland and Moldova. "We understand that most border crossings into Poland and all main crossing points into Moldova are severely backed up and some are experiencing extremely long wait times (well over 30 hours in some cases)," the embassy said. It also cautioned that conditions at each border "can change very quickly and wait times can increase at any time without warning." On Sunday, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that nearly 400,000 Ukrainian refugees have fled their homes since Russia's military operation began on Thursday.

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