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Stranded Indian students cross Ukrainian border to enter Romania, express gratitude to Romanian Embassy for its hospitality

Bucharest (Romania) : Amid the ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine, the Indian nationals are crossing the Ukrainian border to Romania where the Romanian Embassy is helping them with food, shelter, and blankets. Meanwhile, the students expressed their happiness for the Romanian Embassy's efforts. Praneta, one of the Indian students stranded at the Ukrainian border for two days said, "We waited at the Ukrainian border for 2 days. Now we've entered the Romanian border & it's very good here. We were provided food, shelter, and blankets. We're happy and thankful to the Romanian department and Embassy who helped us through difficulties." For the evacuation of the Indian students stranded in Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova, special flights are being operated. Special flight under 'Operation Ganga' has already evacuated 1,156 Indians from Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Ukraine has issued a second advisory for the Indian nationals stranded in Ukraine on Monday and advised them to reach the railway station as the weekend curfew in the city has been lifted. "Weekend curfew lifted in Kyiv. All students are advised to make their way to the railway station for onward journey to the western parts," said the advisory. It added that Ukraine Railways is putting special trains for evacuations. It urged Indian nationals/students to remain calm, peaceful, and united. "A large crowd can be expected at the railway stations, therefore, it is advised that all Indian students remain patient, composed, and especially not to exhibit aggressive behaviors while at the railway stations," as per the advisory. It also alerted students for the possible delay in trains' schedule, even cancellation at times and long queues. It guided the Indian students to carry their passports, sufficient cash, ready-to-eat meals, easily accessible winter clothing, and only essential items, to ensure easy mobility.

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