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Package of tough sanctions against Russia from EU is approaching, says Ukraine President Zelensky

Kiev [Ukraine]: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday said that a package of additional tough sanctions against Russia from the European Union is approaching amid Moscow's ongoing military operations in Ukraine as discussed with French President Emmanuel Macron. "A package of additional tough sanctions against Russia from the EU is approaching. Discussed all the details with Emmanuel Macron," Zelensky tweeted. "We demand the disconnection of Russia from SWIFT, the introduction of a no-fly zone over Ukraine and other effective steps to stop the aggressor," Zelensky added. Zelensky is also creating an anti-Russia coalition against President Vladimir Putin. He said that he has spoken to French President Emmanuel Macron, President of EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria Karl Nehammer about concrete sanctions and assistance for the military."We are creating an anti-Putin coalition. I spoke with@vonderleyen, @EmmanuelMacron, @karlnehammer and @RTErdogan about concrete sanctions and concrete assistance for our military. We are waiting for decisive action," tweeted Zelensky. Earlier in a series of tweets, the Ukrainian President said that he will give weapons to anyone who wants to defend the country and lift sanctions on all citizens of Ukraine who are ready to defend the country. "We will give weapons to anyone who wants to defend the country. Be ready to support Ukraine in the squares of our cities," tweeted Zelensky. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday recognized Ukraine's breakaway regions - Donetsk and Luhansk - as independent entities escalating the ongoing tensions between the two countries. Ukraine gained independence in 1991 after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said that special military operations are being launched "to protect" the people in the Donbas region. He also warned other countries that any attempt to interfere with the Russian action would lead to "consequences". Leaders from a number of countries including the UK, the US, Canada, and the European Union have condemned Russia's military operations in the Donbas region.

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