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Over 3000 protesters detained in Russia for anti-war protests

Moscow [Russia]: Over 3000 protesters have been detained in Russia over the last three days for participating in anti-war protests, a monitoring group has claimed. "For the last three days, at least 3093 people have been arrested for anti-war protests from all over Russia," tweeted 'OVD-Info Monitor', a group tracking arrests during protests all over Russia. The police detained at least 1967 people on February 24, 634 on February 25 and 492 on February 26, added the group. Protests were seen in cities across Russia, where thousands of people defied police threats to take to central squares and protest against the military operations announced by President Vladimir Putin on Thursday. Demonstrators also gathered outside the White House in the US on Friday for a rally that followed hours of demonstrations outside the Russian embassy throughout the day. "To publicly protest against President Putin and his war is a deeply courageous act. Their actions show the world that despite the Kremlin's propaganda, there are Russians who profoundly disagree with what he (Putin) is doing in Ukraine," White House press secretary Jen Psaki had said on Thursday.

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