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India needs to take unambiguous stand on Russia's military operations in Ukraine, says Manish Tewari

New Delhi : Congress leader Manish Tewari accused the BJP-led Central government of not taking an unambiguous stand on the Russian military operation in Ukraine. Speaking to media, Tewari said, "India needs to take an unambiguous stand and tell Russia, who has been a friend that, what they are doing is wrong. What is happening in Ukraine currently is a total negation of all agreed principles of international relations." India's conduct of international relations should be characterised by calling a spade a spade, he said. He further said, "There can be causes for war but there can be no justification of war, and in the current context with Russia's invasion over Ukraine, there is neither a cause of war nor there is any justification for war." "World should come together in order to ensure that this aggression is halted and the illegal occupation or the illegal invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russia is immediately stopped," said the Congress leader. Responding to a question regarding the Indian nationals stranded in Ukraine, Tewari said that the Indian government should have acted much earlier. "You have to be completely blind if you don't understand the logistics of war. If President Putin was transporting heavy arms from Siberia all the way to Russia's border to Ukraine which is thousands of miles away, he was not joking," he added. The Congress leader said, "Under no circumstances the Indian government can absolved themselves of responsibility of not acting earlier in bringing back our citizens." "I hope Prime Minister Narendra Modi would have told President Putin that though Russia is a friend of India and we value that friendship, India denounces this aggression of Russia against Ukraine," he added.

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