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Cong leader Hanumantha Rao warns Telangana CM, ask him to take back 'rewriting Constitution' remark

Hyderabad (Telangana) : Senior Congress leader V Hanumantha Rao on Thursday gave an ultimatum to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to take back his statement on rewriting the Constitution of India. Speaking to ANI, the Congress leader said, "The chief minister has introduced the Dalit Bandhu scheme and said the government will give 10 lakhs each to Dalit family. He is giving because they are downtrodden and have been slaves for years. Babasaheb has written the constitution, that gave upliftment for the weaker section. On one side, KCR wants to build a 124 feet statue of Ambedkar and on the other side he wants to change the Constitution." He said earlier they erected Ambedkar's statue from the Panjagutta Chowrasta in Hyderabad on April 13, 2019, a before Ambedkar's birthday which falls on 14 April. "We got Telangana because of this constitution as per Article 3. Now you have to change Constitution and want to remove Ambedkar legacy. The people are very angry, KCR is doing a big mistake. The people are revolting in Telangana. Giving 10 lakh as Dalit Bandhu is not what they want but everyone is asking for self-respect. Whatever statement given by KCR should take them back. We got real independence after Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote the constitution. We are giving an ultimatum to the government of Telangana to take back the words," Rao added. Earlier on Tuesday, KCR expressed disappointment over the Union Budget 2022 and said that the BJP-led Centre needs to be "removed and thrown in the Bay of Bengal". "He said being a chief minister, shouldn't speak undemocratically. He even called for rewriting of the constitution. He doesn't respect anyone. In the state, there's no Secretariat, he doesn't meet the opposition leaders. He falsely jails the opposition leaders and suppresses the voices of the people. As BJP grows stronger day by day in the state, he cannot digest it. I urge the chief minister to apologize," he said. Rao had said that the time has come that the Constitution in India needs to be rewritten. The BJP MP further said, "The Telangana Chief Minister is creating an unnecessary fuss over the demand for a new constitution." K Chandrasekhar Rao also stated that many countries in the world have also made changes in their Constitution, in the same way, it should be done in their country also.

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