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Australia extends sanctions against Russia: PM Scott Morrison

Canberra [Australia]: Australia on Friday followed the example of its Western partners - Canada, the United States, the European Union - by further expanding sanctions against Russia in the wake of its military operation in Ukraine, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. "Today, Australia will be imposing further sanctions on oligarchs whose economic weight is of strategic significance to Moscow. And over 300 members of the Russian Duma, their parliament, who voted to authorise the use of Russian troops in Ukraine to illegally invade Ukraine," Morrison told a press conference. Australia is also working with the United States to coordinate sanctions against Belarusian individuals and entities that allegedly had role in the operation, the prime minister added.He recalled previous sanctions imposed by Australia against Russia earlier this week, which target Russian defense officials, army commanders, members of the Russian Security Council, banks, entities involved in military production, among other subjects. "I also want to confirm that we have been working with NATO to ensure that we can provide non-lethal military equipment and medical supplies to support the people of Ukraine," Morrison noted. Western nations have increased sanctions pressure on Russia after it launched a military operation in Ukraine following help requests from the breakaway Donbas republics that have accused Kiev of intensified shootings in recent weeks.

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