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Ramdev calls PM security breach insult to demcracy, constitution

Haridwar (Uttarakhand) : Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's security breach in Punjab as 'very sad' and 'insulting'. "Prime Minister is not just a person, he is the representative of India. He is a supreme person for the constitution, democracy and democratic values. And in such a situation it is not just an insult to the Prime Minister, it is not just a security lapse, it is disrespect to the constitution of democracy and the 135 crore people of India. This is a very disgraceful and very unfortunate accident," Ramdev told media. The Yoga Guru also expressed concerns over the Coronavirus situation in the country and said political rallies should not be organised to curb the spread of the virus. "If these rallies are not stopped then we would not be able to contain the third wave, which will destroy everything", added Ramdev. On Surya Namaskar, that some Muslim scholars say is unislamic, Ramdev said that it is not a religious practice and purely an exercise as well as a method of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. "No mantras are chanted during Surya Namaskar", added Ramdev. "Some people want to deprive our children and our youth of the age-old physical education. Those who are opposing Surya Namaskar are disrespecting his age-old traditions. I pity them," he added.

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